Product Line

Flat Roll Sheet and Plate

American Steel and Aluminum offers a wide range of sheet and plate in many gauges and widths. We carry but are not limited to the following products:

  • Hot Roll
  • Cold Rolled
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Galvannealed
  • Galvalume
  • Aluminized

Some of the material specifications we carry are below.

Aluminum Carbon Stainless Coated
ASTM B209 ASTM A1008 CS-B , DS-B ASTM A240 ASTM A653
ASME SB-209 ASTM A1011 ASTM A480, A666 G30, G40 , G60, G90
AMS 4015,4016,4017 ASTM A1018 ASME SA240, SA480 A40, A60
AMS-QQ-A-250/8 ASTM A568 AMS MIL-5059D, MIL4043B ASTM A792 AZ40
AMS 4006, 4008 ASTM A684 304, 304L Aluminized A463
AMS-QQ-A-250/2 C1006, C1008 , C1010 316, 316L
5005 C1045, C1050, C1074 C1075 430 2b, BA
5052- H32,34 A36
3003 –H14
Tread bright
Diamond plate
Tube & Pipe

American steel and aluminum carries a deep inventory in tube and pipe. We offer Hot Roll pickled and oiled and black tube. We also carry Galvanized and Cold Rolled tubing. Please try us for your next tubing job.

  • A513
  • A500 GRADE A,B,C
  • A53
  • CS-B
Square & Cold Finished Bar
  • C1018
  • 12L14
  • A36
Beams & Channels

Being a full line service center means that American Steel and Aluminum has your beam and channel needs. We stock a range of I beams and channels meeting ASTM A36.


American Steel and Aluminum carries a wide range of angles in Stainless, Aluminum, Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled, and Galvanized angles. Some of the Grades we carry are below.

  • A36
  • A1020
  • A588
  • A572 GRADE 50
Diamond Plate

Diamond plate also known as tread plate is a hot roll, stainless or aluminum sheet with a raised diamond pattern. It is used primarily for its slip resistance on ambulances, fire trucks or work trucks. It can be used for decorative purposes as well as heavy duty storage bins. We offer a wide range of sizes and can cut to size on our two leveling lines for a custom job.

Flat Bar
  • C1018
  • A36
  • A588
  • A572
  • A1020
Round Bar & Rebar

Concrete reinforcing bars or rebar are designed to provide the strongest possible mechanical bond between steel and concrete. They are furnished in straight lengths however they may be bent or fabricated to special engineering requirements. Manufacture of intermediated grade steel they conform to all building codes and the latest ASTM specs. No. 2 bar are plane round-No. 3 bars are plain round or deformed. No. 9, 10 and 11 bars are round bars equivalent in area to the square bar in size shown.

Size in inches Bar number Estimated wt. lbs. per foot Diameter Area in sq. inches Perimeter
¼ ROUND 2 .167 .250 .05 .789
3/8 ROUND 3 .376 .375 .11 1.18
½ ROUND 4 .668 .500 .2 1.57
5/8 ROUND 5 1.04 .625 .31 1.96
¾ ROUND 6 1.5 .750 .44 2.36
7/8 ROUND 7 2.04 .875 .60 2.75
1 ROUND 8 2.67 1.00 .79 3.14
1 square 9 3.40 1.13 1.00 3.54
1 1/8 square 10 4.30 1.27 1.27 3.99
1 ¼ square 11 5.31 1.41 1.56 4.43
  • C1018
  • 12L14
  • C1045
Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is available in standard sizes in steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel. Both standard and flattened types have numerous structural applications, including shelving, machinery guards, walkways; stair treads and risers, window guards and partitions. Architectural applications such as, room dividers, screens, ornamental trim grilles, sunshades and furniture. Call us for your expanded metal needs.