Here are some reasons American Steel & Aluminum Is Your #1 Choice

Precise Inventory Management.
A stocking program designed for your needs will allow us to store your inventory so you don’t have to. This helps you manage your cash flow, free up your floor space, and focus on the core competencies of your business.

Just-in-Time Delivery.
Need inventory fast? No problem … our just-in-time delivery puts orders (in most cases) at your doorstep the next day.

A Wide Range of Metals.
American Steel & Aluminum stocks a multi-million dollar inventory of metals, including a full range of products that are certified to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Bureau of Shipbuilding.

Multiple Capabilities.
Our unmatched variety of processing equipment lets us shape our metals to suit your needs. We fill orders quickly, precisely, and to your specifications.

High Quality at a Great Price.
Direct warehouse-to-railroad access at our central delivery point in Auburn, MA helps us keep your costs down. What’s more, we’ve worked with our suppliers for many years. These longstanding relationships translate into reliability and the best possible product at competitive prices.

Long Term Partnerships & Growth.
We treat our customers with the highest integrity, always with a long-term relationship in mind. We treat our employees with that same respect; our workforce brings years of experience to the fore and embraces continuous improvement.

Unrivalled Service.
We react quickly to fulfill the most unique orders, keeping our eyes on quality from start to finish. Need a unique product? We can modify our equipment to create it.

Large Fleet, Larger Reach.
With one of the largest privately owned fleets in New England – and as the only distributor with a warehouse in Maine – we can deliver far into northern Maine and northern New York twice a week. And our drivers are the best, consistently praised for their courtesy and efficient delivery.

We Love Challenges.
No matter how unique the request, we’ll try to reconfigure our processing equipment to provide a quality product. We’ve even been known to make personal investments to fulfill an order.

Knowledgeable and courteous sales team.
We’re your link to what’s happening in the metals marketplace. Have questions about special metals like titanium or high carbon steel? Just ask!